JDK1.1.5 NetBSD/i386 patches

Firstly, sorry that it has taken so long to make these available. The reason for the delay was deciding how best to provide them.

While using the FreeBSD patches was an effective means of boot-straping the i386 port, I concluded that the patches should be against the Sun base only. I'm not aware of any other NetBSD folk with 1.1.5 source, so I had planned to do a 1.1.6 port and make the diffs for that available.

That 1.1.6 port has slipped quite a bit and with at least a couple of other NetBSD folk obtaining jdk1.1.6 source and wanting to work on ports it seems prudent to make a set of raw 1.1.5 patches available so others can get started.

To avoid omitting anything, I have produced pacthes against both the original solaris base and the freebsd version. I've basically gathered a list of all the files (cf. symlinks) in src/netbsd and build/netbsd and diff'd them against the solaris and freebsd trees.

Thus we have, in pub/netbsd/java/jdk115patches/:

diffs of build/netbsd against build/solaris
against build/freebsd
diffs of src/netbsd against src/solaris
against src/freebsd

Note that jdk1.1.6 is not just a bug fix release, there have been some non-trivial changes, so I was planning to again use the FreeBSD patches to boot-strap the NetBSD/i386 port and then take it from there.

If someone beats me to it - great!

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