Simon J. Gerraty


sjg@ since 1984

Likes: Fast cars, computers and ...

Work In Progress

Since 2000 I've been working for Juniper Networks in Sunnyvale CA.

Needless to say my day job consumes most of my time...

I'm a committer to both the FreeBSD and NetBSD projects.

Private hacking includes tools to organize my digital photos.


BSDCan 2011 Building BSD in meta mode

BSDCan 2014 FreeBSD bmake and meta mode

BSDCan 2018 Adding verification to FreeBSD loader

BSDCan 2019 Securely controlled privilege escalations via maclabel


Ancient history


I did the original port of JDK 1.1 to NetBSD but lost interest when it proved impossible (impractical) to distribute JDK binaries, and Java isn't really suitable for a lot of the tools I write. Python is probably a better bet for OS independent apps.


Occasionally I post something in what passes for a blog /* imagine something very witty here */

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