Optional DIRDEPS

When using the DIRDEPS_BUILD (eg. in FreeBSD) many optional features can impact the tree's dependency graph.

This poses a challenge for automatic dependency maintenance since DIRDEPS in auto updated Makefile.depend files would churn as options are enabled/disabled.


The solution is for directories which are affected by options to have a Makefile.depend.options file, which lists the relevant options and includes dirdeps-options.mk. For example in sys/boot/userboot/userboot/Makefile.depend.options:

DIRDEPS.LOADER_VERIEXEC.yes = lib/libbearssl lib/libve

.include <dirdeps-options.mk>

If DIRDEPS.LOADER_VERIEXEC.yes is consistent and needed in several places, it could be defined in local.dirdeps-options.mk.

The above Makefile.depend.options file will be included by dirdeps.mk and if .MAKE.LEVEL == 0 dirdeps-options.mk will add ${DIRDEPS.LOADER_VERIEXEC.${MK_LOADER_VERIEXEC}} to DIRDEPS.

Later when .MAKE.LEVEL > 0 meta.autodep.mk will also include Makefile.depend.options and ${DIRDEPS.LOADER_VERIEXEC.yes} and ${DIRDEPS.LOADER_VERIEXEC.no} will be added to GENDIRDEPS_FILTER so as to prevent those directories being captured in Makefile.depend.

Ideally any option that is expected to impact the tree dependency graph needs to be set via sys.mk - before dirdeps.mk starts working. However is is also possible for local.dirdeps.mk to include whatever makefile handles setting those options not set during sys.mk. For example in FreeBSD:

.if !defined(MK_CLANG)
.include "${SRCTOP}/share/mk/src.opts.mk"

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