Film is not dead


I haven't used a film camera in over 20 years. One of my brothers still uses film, in a collection of old (1950's) Leicas and more recently a Hasselblad.


My youngest daughter is also into film these days, so I resurrected one of my 1980's Olympus SLRs (OM10) for her.

Apart from the light seals which were in poor shape, it was still in as new condition and is a very nice camera.

Replacing the light seals is a bit fiddly but quite doable and not very expensive. I bothched one of the channel seals - luckily I'd bought seal kits for both the OM10 and OM2sp so was able to scavange one from the later and have the camera ready to go on her next visit.

I also gave her a couple of rolls of B&W film (at least 20 years old and not stored with any great care), I was very surprised to see how well that film still worked.

I gave her the OM10 as it gets much better battery life than the OM2sp, which is in all other respects a better camera. I used to take flat batteries out of the OM2sp, put them in the OM10 and it would run on them for another 2 years!

I have a number of lenses for these cameras. I gave her the 50/1.8 which I found works better with the OM10 than the 50/1.4, I assume this is because the camera just assumes the lens is f/1.8. I really liked the 28/2.8 too but she just wanted the 50mm for now. /* imagine something very witty here */