Caly (Calypso) and Rocky (Rocket) are Havanese puppies.

They are full of energy, which they generally expend fighting. It is hillarious to watch them square off, and charge each other. They generally want whatever the other one has - Rocky will litterally try and take the food from Caly's mouth (when there is a bowl-full next to him). Even when they are exhausted, they won't stop - mouthing each other in slow motion. They do take breaks when anything catches their attention, but then they're back into it.

Caly likes to parade past Rocky with a stick or other object she thinks he'll like - so that he will chase her. Caly also loves running around (very fast) with a stick in her mouth. The puppy equivalent of running with scissors.

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Rocky is a bit more laid back. Though half the size of Caly, he doesn't seem to know it. He's the aggressor just as often as Caly. Actually he's growing a little bit faster so Caly may get a surprise one day.

Rocky seems more trainable than Caly, though Caly is a bit smarter. I put up a puppy gate to prevent them fast access to the front door. Caly immediately takes the long way around, whereas Rocky can't make up his mind which way to go.


These guys love to say Hi, even if you leave the room for just a few minutes, you get the full treatment when you return. Of course they expect an enthusiastic Hi and cuddles, in return.

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At 5 months, the guys are growing up. Caly is still totally demented, and loves running around at top-speed, Rocky is still very cute (despite a bad haircut), but a bit more laid back (if that's possible).


Update: at two and a half years, they are considered adults, but they still behave like puppies.


Update: at five years old, we still refer to them as puppies. Caly loves her toys. Rocky has sort of mastered fetch. Though as my daughter (probably correctly) points out he doesn't return the ball to the person tossing it so much as to his spot.

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Caly even more recently started playing an approximation of fetch. She isn't interested in balls - her squirrel is what she plays with. She would go fetch it bring it back, chew it a bit then wait for it to be tossed again.

Recently when after a dinner party we had not yet restored their spot, and a game of fetch didn't quite work. I was sitting in the middle, Rocky at one end of the room next to his ball and Caly was at the other end staring at her squirrel, both waiting for something to happen.

Eventually Rocky decided that the couch could substitute for his spot and the game started properly.

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