Simon says... 2018-12


2018-12-02 (sjg)

After a week of rain, our dogs were full of pent up energy. There's only so much exercise you can get barking at the world outside your window after all.

Sunday was a lovely sunny day, so we took the dogs to Stanford. They enjoy the drive there - hanging out the window and soaking up all the smiles they get from other drivers.


When we got to the quad outside the chapel, we ran around a bit. Caly had a great time dashing about madly - she doesn't care where; she just loves running flat out.


Of course I can only keep up with her for so long, so it ends up being a mad rush in direction A, then B then C and finally "where's mummy?" has them rushing back to Bin as fast as we can.

We then took a more leisurely walk around the campus before heading home for their lunch. /* imagine something very witty here */