Moving house

It can take a long time to find a suitable house in the Bay Area, but once you do, things move pretty quickly. The girls only found out about it two weeks before we moved.

First Impressions

The house isn't much to look at


but the layout is quite useful, and it has a nice yard, and a yard means puppies ...


The play structure is supposed to go...


The move

Ok, well the play structure didn't go, and as it turns out Rachel wants to keep it, so no harm.

The move itself went very well, the guys were careful and very helpful.

It took nearly a week to get DSL running again, which caused the girls some problems with homework.

We also had to get an electrician in to add ground to some of the outlets in their study before we could fire up their computers.

Settling in


After a week, we were mostly unpacked - could fit a car in the garage! Sadly, it isn't as big as our town-house one so not likely to ever fit two cars in it.

Our mirror survived another move, and is again securely on a wall. At the end of the kitchen/dining room, it makes the room look even bigger.

I still haven't worked out where to hang even half our pictures so the walls are still rather bare.

Table cracks

The red table spent 7 years buried in the basement as our desk, and unfortunately has a crack from a laptop sitting on it all that time. I should have done something about that last year when the same thing happened to our dining table.

The fix is a bit of wet tissue under some plastic food wrap, to re-hydrate the wood (thanks dad) - but it takes time.

Painting the girl's rooms

/Pic/20101224014/thm /Pic/20101226001/thm /Pic/20101226003/thm

After much debate over colors, we have finished painting the girl's rooms. Rachel's is green, and Sam's is blue. The girls did much of the painting themselves.

The yard

/Pic/20101212004/thm /Pic/20101212008/thm /Pic/20101212005/thm /Pic/20101212009/thm /Pic/20101212006/thm /Pic/20101212010/thm /Pic/20101212007/thm /Pic/20101212011/thm

As you can see, the house exterior is rather forgetable. A bit of a veranda would be very handy.

(I'd stich those pics together if I wasn't so lazy.)

The yard is nice though. It faces south west, has plenty of fruit trees, and herbs as well as some grass and a reasonably large paved area - for dining al fresco.

A BBQ is on the list for next year.... /* imagine something very witty here */